As experienced business consultants, we help bridge the gap between technology and the non-technical user by providing specific tools and services that respond directly to your daily needs. Our specific services include technology planning, systems design, local and wide area networking, Internet and Intranet design, software customization, document management, document assembly, system troubleshooting, database development, training and on-going support.

Network Consulting

Our innovative approach to network installations results in the best possible networked systems.

Requirements Analysis and Budgeting

Successful network implementations begin with a thorough analysis of business requirements. We can help your firm or business establish a realistic budget for a system acquisition. We will review your firm's existing systems, procedures and document production methods. With this information, we can isolate workflow bottlenecks and define concise objectives for the system implementation.

System Design and Configuration

Once we have a common understanding of your business requirements, we outline in detail the application requirements, and subsequently, the requirements for the foundation of the system. The system design addresses communications, data conversion, applications software, system software, hardware, network topology, security and performance expectations.

System Implementation

We provide project management for the network implementation. We work with you and the vendors to develop a detailed implementation plan, covering all tasks from cabling to training. By providing overall project management services with a single point of management responsibility, we ensure that the network installation is as smooth as possible.

Document Management

As the volume of documents grows, the need for an organized approach to document management is essential for your business. We provide product evaluations and solutions for the management of your documents. We specialize in converting and migrating documents from existing management systems and word processors to the best technology available.


We offer a customized training approach. We individually tailor classes according to staff responsibilities and experience level. We offer a number of courses geared to the professional, ranging from survival training to advanced instruction for more experienced users. Our training helps to improve staff performance and to instill confidence and enthusiasm with the system, all with as little disruption and inconvenience as possible.

Follow-up Support

We can provide follow-up support services as required. Services vary depending on your firm's requirements, ranging from onsite assistance to simple questions and answers via telephone or e-mail.

Technology Planning

Whether your firm is considering an implementation in the near or long term, Aztech Consulting Group's technology planning servicescan provide the assistance you need.

Technology Review

The most important ingredient for a successful system is you. Aztech can help guide you through the maze of technological choices available in the marketplace in an informed and efficient manner. By establishing an organized information structure, we can help you outline the alternatives available, the technology issues that may affect your firm or business and the methodology required for a successful implementation.

Analysis of Business Requirements

Aztech works with you to identify and prioritize the business requirements driving the implementation of the system. Frequent concerns such as reducing costs, improving timekeeper productivity, simplifying communications with your clients, or addressing a host of other issues are among our considerations and planning. We help you understand the potential impact of various systems on your business objectives and outline the costs and trade-offs for each of the choices available.

System Design & Configuration

Once Aztech has a common understanding of your business requirements, we outline in detail the application requirements, and subsequently, the requirements for the foundation of the system. The system design addresses performance expectations, communications, conversion, software, hardware, and topology. We will prepare a formal document that is a basis for implementation planning and vendor selection.

Products & Vendors

With the initial design complete, the process of selecting products and vendors begins. Aztech will help you select the best software and hardware as well as the most capable vendors for all phases of the project.